Retired Presbyterian pastor Norman McCrummen: Why I became a Catholic

One of the Men of St. Joseph at St. Ignatius in Mobile, AL, Norman McCrummen, is a new Catholic, but a long time Christian.’s Carol McPhail recently interviewed Dr. McCrummen:

“In June 2011, the last time we talked to the Norman H. McCrummen III, he was retiring from Spring Hill Presbyterian Church (USA) in Mobile, at that time the largest congregation among 28 in the Presbytery of South Alabama. Today, McCrummen is a layman. What’s more, to the shock of many in the community, he is also a Catholic.

“Three months after his retirement as pastor, McCrummen was accepted into full communion with the Catholic Church. He sat down with us recently to talk about his faith today and what compelled him to leave Protestantism – to “swim the Tiber,” as he puts it.

“How did a former Presbyterian minister become Catholic?”

Click below the read the interview.


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One comment on “Retired Presbyterian pastor Norman McCrummen: Why I became a Catholic

  1. Fr. Basil on said:

    I was raised in Woodlawn Baptist Church in Birmingham, AL and baptized by Norman McCrummen, Jr–the present Norman’s father. I remember young Norman and was surprised that he had become a Presbyterian minister, and even more that he had become a Catholic. I myself am a monk and a member of an Eastern Catholic parish. And yes, I remember his mother, Kitty, who was the organist at the time.

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