Who are the Men of St. Joseph?

We are the Men of St. Joseph, a group of Catholic guys dedicated to being the spiritual leaders of our families while becoming the best versions of ourselves.

Sure, it's a struggle to balance being a father, bread winner, businessman, coach, friend, husband and spiritual leader of your family. The Men of St. Joseph understand that with each other's support and shared accountability it becomes a little easier. Most importantly, we know that if we surrender our day-to-day problems to God we will be better fathers, husbands and friends. Through Christ, we will be better men.

We welcome you to join us on this journey. Come on, give it a shot.

How to Get Involved

Click here to find a chapter or parish group near you. We are still growing, so if there is not a chapter in your parish, find out how to get one started.

Featured Events

Fri, Oct 31, 2014-Sun, Nov 02, 2014

Men of St. Joseph Outback Weekend


mosj blog:

The Spiritual Senses of Scripture

So far in our discussion of the Bible, we’ve talked about the literal sense, or interpretation, of Scripture – the meaning the author of a particular text intended to convey – and contrasted it with the literalist sense of Scripture – taking the words on the page at face value and no more.  And I’ve mentioned how these two different approaches to Scripture many times lead to the same interpretation of any given passage, but that they can, and do, sometimes lead to very different interpretations of a particular passage, as for example, in Genesis chapters 1 and 2.  And these differing interpret... [continue reading]